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Society has stereotyped homosexual men as being feminine. Some are. Some aren't. So then, what do all these words mean? Straight Acting? Masculine? Feminine? Unfortunately, they mean a lot of different Does Being Proud to Be Gay Mean Proud To Be Feminine?things to different people, so it's hard to "judge" just how "straight acting" or "masculine" someone is. Does Masculinity have to do with "muscles"? NO! Does being more "Straight Acting" than feminine make you a better person? NO! Does displaying your gay pride mean you are feminine or proud to be feminine? NO!

Chances are that if you're gay, a minority, or both, you've dealt with some form of discrimination in the past. Unlike what other people might say, calling someone "straight acting" or someone looking for someone else that is "straight acting" is not a way to "diminish gays as human beings or marginalize the gay community." It's called PREFERENCE...nothing more, nothing less. Don't discriminate against people that express their preference!Just as people have preferences for the type of guys they like, for example, "TALL men", many of us have a preference for "straight acting" men-- Men that have very few effeminate traits but still like to get down with other men. This site was created to help people find each other! We see all people as equal. Regardless of sexual orientation, age, race, religion, or what level you achieve on our quiz--we are all EQUAL. This website is for fun! Don't make it anything more than it is, and anything less either and you'll be fine.

This site started in 2000 and went strong for several years as our quizes became very popular worldwide. was featuerd in many newspapers, on radio stations and in other print publications throughout the years. In 2004 the server suffered a severe crash and the bulk of the site went offline. Since we don't make any money on the site, the only portion that was resurrected was our active "Butch Board" bulletin board system. This feature has been going for nearly 10 years!

In April of 2009, we decided to re-launch the quizzes with the help of Facebook and made possible financially by some some loyal Butch Board members. You'll find our first and original Guy Quiz now available online for Facebook members right now. Coming soon look for the rest of our quizzes and a straightacting group as well.

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